Lula’s Family


Lula is all about family, so let us introduce you to some of our incredible family members who will make your stay here out of this world. 


Laura is not just a member of the Colibrí family; she practically has Colibrí running through her veins after 16 years of dedicated service. Mezzanine, our sister property, was her second home, and La Zebra was her go-to spot during leisure hours. Working in her favorite place with her cherished colleagues and sharing the culture she holds dear is a real treat for her.

Now, as the reigning maestro of both La Zebra and the hot new Lula hotel, Laura’s taking charge with a twinkle in her eye and a Colibrí spirit that knows no bounds. Being the General Manager of not one, but two vibrant establishments is a role she proudly and enthusiastically embraces. It’s safe to say, with Laura at the helm, both La Zebra and Lula are in for a wild, Colibrí-inspired ride!


Meet Eleazar, aka Eli – the charismatic leader of our security crew! Hailing from the picturesque town of Emiliano Zapata in Chiapas, Eli brings his unique charm to the role he’s played for over eight years now at Lula.

Residing in Tulum with his wife, Cindy, and their three musketeers, Eli’s passion for his job is palpable. He thrives on innovating security methods, relishes the dynamic work environment, and, above all, cherishes the camaraderie within the incredible Lula team. With Eli at the helm, our security is not just a job; it’s a passion and a commitment to keeping the Lula spirit safe and sound!


Meet Allegra, the vibrant soul of our Concierge team! As our Guest Relations manager, she’s here to welcome you with a beaming smile and contagious enthusiasm upon your arrival. Allegra’s been a crucial part of our crew for nine fantastic years, infusing her passion for service now into every Lula and Tulum experience. Allegra is an avid protector and lover of animals. Get ready for a warm welcome, top-notch service, and perhaps a furry friend in Allegra’s delightful company!


Say hello to Jaqueline, the powerhouse of our housekeeping team! As our spirited Housekeeping Supervisor, Jaqueline’s superpower lies in her ability to inspire teamwork and energize her crew. Her activities are always infused with infectious energy, making her the heartbeat of our team.


Ricardo, a true Tulum native and the maestro behind our operations, brings a fiery passion to our mission and team. Inspired by his grandmother, the legendary Doña Tina, Ricardo ensures guests feel at home with his dedication to quality service and Tulum-born enthusiasm.

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