Where the magic of BAJA MEDITERRANEAN CUISINE unfolds

Prepare your taste buds for a symphony of flavors, a dance of fresh herbs and spices, and a love affair with food that transcends the ordinary. From fresh pastas and pizzas that would make mamma proud to shrimp tacos or fresh whole fish with tio Juan’s secret recipe. 

 Or maybe our Buddha bowls or Gazpacho verde for a hit of veggie happiness. Our menu isn’t just a list; it’s a love letter to great food. We believe a well-prepared meal can unite people and create unforgettable memories. Fasten your taste bud seatbelts; this isn’t just a meal—it’s a flavor adventure at LULA

In accordance with Mexican law, smoking is not permitted in our restaurant or anywhere in the hotel. A designated smoking area can be found outside.

Chef Eleazar Bonilla

Hailing from Santiago de Querétaro and born into a family with a rich culinary heritage of skilled cooks and tortilleros, Chef Eleazar Bonilla is a culinary virtuoso with a profound passion for transforming fresh ingredients into vibrant, flavorful dishes that pay homage to the earth’s natural bounty. Renowned for his culinary prowess in Mexican cuisine, Chef Bonilla has earned acclaim, in particular for his legendary tacos that tell tales of authentic flavors and cultural richness.

However, a delightful twist emerged when he fell under the spell of the Mediterranean’s allure. In a culinary love affair, Chef Bonilla traded tortillas for tagliatelle and burritos for burrata, embarking on a journey that would redefine his culinary path.

 Intrigued by this fusion of passions, Lula seized the opportunity to persuade Chef Bonilla to marry his expertise in Mexican cuisine with the freshness and richness of Baja Mediterranean flavors. Thus, Lula’s kitchen was born—a testament to Chef Bonilla’s artistry, dedication, and heartfelt approach to every dish he creates. Join us at Lula, where Chef Bonilla brings his love for Mexican and Mediterranean flavors together, promising a culinary experience that transcends boundaries and captivates the senses.


Jasper Soffer, a renowned mixologist, commenced his illustrious career at London’s ShoChu Lounge, earning accolades from Time Out Magazine for his Asian-inspired cocktail menu. His journey continued in New York, contributing his expertise to venues like Spice Market and the exclusive SoHo House. At Pegu Club, led by cocktail luminary Audrey Saunders, Jasper played a pivotal role in achieving the title of World’s Best Cocktail Bar in the 2007 Tales of the Cocktail Spirit Awards.

Managing the iconic Boom Boom Room at the Standard Hotel followed, solidifying Jasper’s status in New York City’s bar scene. His passion for travel led him to Eau du Vie in Sydney, Australia, which earned the World’s Best New Cocktail Bar award in 2011. Co-founding Mulberry Project, Jasper pioneered bespoke cocktails globally, hosting pop-up events from Sundance Film Festival to locations in Israel, Iceland, Tanzania, and Kenya.

The success of Mulberry Project’s pop-up at La Zebra’s beach in Tulum made it a permanent fixture, recognized among the top 10 honorees for Best International Hotel Bar in Latin America & The Caribbean at the 2020 Tales of the Cocktail Spirited Awards. Since joining the Colibri family in 2014, Jasper crafts menus that perfectly complement each hotel’s unique identity. Emphasizing locally sourced fresh fruits and herbs, his inviting and fun menus pay homage to their Mexican backdrop.

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